This page is to do with community, and therefore is not part of the Book Writing Guide. However, it is still important.

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Headersymbol The Manual of Style is the instructions and guidance rules on editing a page.

Please read it before you edit.

Headersymbol Layout


'''Insert definition here'''

<!---Everything else--->

==Main Headers==
===Secondary Headers===

==Related Articles==
*[[Name of related article]]
There must also always be a table of contents at the top of a page. It appears there automatically, but if there's a particular place at the top, then write
where you want it.

Headersymbol How to edit

  • Please use source mode. It's just much better, and it just fits in much better if you don't use visual editor.
  • Add appropriate categories to the page.
  • Don't be afraid to add humour! This is a guide, but a bit of humour does not harm anybody!

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