A technique of writing, or a classification of a work of fiction, to define the style of the characters, plots, settings etc.

List of Genres

  • Crime/Detective -fiction about a committed crime, how the criminal gets caught, and the repercussions of the crime.
  • Fanfiction -fiction written by a fan of, and featuring characters from, a particular TV series, movie, etc.
  • Fantasy -fiction with strange or otherworldly settings or characters; fiction which invites suspension of reality.
  • Historical fiction -story with fictional characters and events in a historical setting.
  • Horror -fiction in which events evoke a feeling of dread and sometimes fear in both the characters and the reader.
  • Humor -Usually a fiction full of fun, fancy, and excitement, meant to entertain and sometimes cause intended laughter; but can be contained in all genres.
  • Legend -story, sometimes of a national or folk hero, that has a basis in fact but also includes imaginative material.
  • Magical Realism - story where magical or unreal elements play a natural part in an otherwise realistic environment
  • Mystery -this is fiction dealing with the solution of a crime or the unraveling of secrets.
  • Science fiction -story based on impact of actual, imagined, or potential science, usually set in the future or on other planets.
  • Suspense/Thriller -fiction about harm about to befall a person or group and the attempts made to evade the harm.

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